Access Control List configuration file

The -A option for the pps command specifies the path to an Access Control List (ACL) configuration file, which can be used to set access permissions. Using the ACL configuration file eliminates reads to establish PPS object access permissions at startup, and can thus be used to reduce startup times.

For information about ACLs, see "Access Control Lists" in the QNX Neutrino User's Guide and the Working with ACLs chapter of the QNX Neutrino Programmer's Guide.

If you don't use an ACL configuration file, then you may need to use multiple setfacl commands (see the Utilities Reference) at startup to set access permissions for PPS objects. Since every setfacl command sends messages, this method of setting object access permissions increases messaging overhead. Using one or more ACL configuration files eliminates this messaging overhead and reduces the PPS startup time.

You can use more than one instance of the -A option to specify multiple ACL configuration files. In the event that the access permissions in the different files don't agree, the permissions in the last configuration file listed take precedence.

Note: A PPS mountpoint can be associated with no more than one configuration.

You should place ACL configuration files in a secure storage location (not in the same location as the PPS objects).