High-availability manager

Note: You must be logged in as root to start a high-availability manager.


ham [-?dh] [-f file] [-t none | relative | absolute | shortabs]
    [-V level] [-v[v...]]

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


Display the usage message.
Disable internal verbosity.
-f file
The log file (the default is standard error).
Display the usage message.
-t none | relative | absolute | shortabs
The timestamping method to use. The default is relative.
-V level
Set the level of verbosity.
Be verbose; extra -v options increase the verbosity.


The ham utility is the high-availability manager, which you can use to monitor and restart critical processes in your system. When a HAM starts, it also starts the Guardian process for itself.

Note: To stop the HAM, you must use either the ham_stop() function (see the High Availability Framework Developer's Guide) or the hamctrl utility. These are the only correct (and the only guaranteed) ways to stop the HAM.