Explain errno numbers (QNX Neutrino)


errno error_number...

Runs on:

QNX Neutrino


The error number to be explained.


The errno utility displays the string equivalent for the error_numbers supplied on the command line. The output is written to the standard output. If the command-line argument isn't a valid error number, a line is written to the standard error instead.

This utility is useful in cases where a program has indicated that a numerical error occurred and hasn't provided the ASCII string equivalent of that errno value. Users who don't have access to the C header file <errno.h> don't have the option of using:

grep error_number /usr/include/errno.h

The errno utility is more convenient and is available to all users.


Find the string equivalent of error number 2:

$ errno 2
errno    2: ERROR ENOENT

Exit status:

An error occurred (e.g., an unknown errno value).
The error string was successfully written to the standard output.