Mass-storage devices

The devb-umass driver supports devices that follow the Mass Storage Class Specification.

You can determine that the device is suitable by looking for the following information in the output from usb -vv:

Mass Storage Class  08h

SubClass Code    Command Block Specification
     01h            Reduced Block Command (RBC)
     02h            SFF-8020i, MMC-2 (ATAPI)
     04h            UFI
     05h            SFF-8070i
     06h            SCSI transparent

Protocol Code    Protocol Implementation
     00h            Control/Bulk/Interrupt
                      (with command completion interrupt)
     01h            Control/Bulk/Interrupt
                      (with no command completion interrupt)
     50h            Bulk-Only Transport

To use a USB mass-storage device on a QNX Neutrino system, start io-usb as described above, then the devb-umass driver. By default, this driver creates an entry for disk-based devices in /dev in the form /dev/hdn, where n is the drive number. Once you've started the driver, you can treat the device like a disk.

For example, for a mass-storage device that uses the UHCI controller, type:

io-usb -d uhci
devb-umass cam pnp