Here are some problems that you might have with filesystems:

How can I make a specific flash partition read-only?
Unmount and remount the partition, like this:
flashctl -p raw_mountpoint -u
mount -t flash -r raw_mountpoint /mountpoint

where raw_mountpoint indicates the partition (e.g., /dev/fs0px).

How can I determine which drivers are currently running?
  1. Use the find utility to create a list of pathname mountpoints:
    find /proc/mount \
    -name '[-0-9]*,[-0-9]*,[-0-9]*,[-0-9]*,[-0-9]*' \
    -prune -print > mountpoints
  2. Use cut and sort to extract a list of the processes that own the mountpoints:
    cut -d, -f2 < mountpoints | sort -nu > pidlist
  3. Use xargs and pidin to display the process ID, long name, and interrupt handlers for each of these processes:
    xargs -i pidin -p {} -F "%a %n %Q" < pidlist | less
  4. Use grep to show the mountpoints for a specified process ID, pid:
    grep pid mountpoints
  5. Use the -i option of the use utility to show the date of a specified driver, drivername:
    use -i drivername

This procedure (which approximates the functionality of the Windows XP driverquery command) shows the drivers (programs that have mountpoints in the pathname space) that are currently running; it doesn't show those that are merely installed.