Proactive tracing

While the instrumented kernel provides an excellent unobtrusive method for instrumenting and monitoring processes, threads, and the state of your system in general, you can also have your applications proactively influence the event-collection process.

Using the TraceEvent() library call, applications themselves can inject custom events into the trace stream. This facility is especially useful when building large, tightly coupled, multicomponent systems.

For example, the following simple call would inject the integer values of eventcode, first, and second into the event stream:

TraceEvent(_NTO_TRACE_INSERTSUSEREVENT, eventcode, first,

You can also inject a string (e.g., "My Event") into the event stream, as shown in the following code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/trace.h>

/* Code to associate with emitted events */
#define MYEVENTCODE 12

int main(int argc, char **argv) {
    printf("My pid is %d \n", getpid());

    /* Inject two integer events (26, 1975) */
               26, 1975);

    /* Inject a string event (My Event) */
               "My Event");

    return 0;

The output, as gathered by the traceprinter data interpreter, would then look something like this:

t:0x38ea737e CPU:00 USREVENT:EVENT:12, d0:26 d1:1975
t:0x38ea7cb0 CPU:00 USREVENT:EVENT:12 STR:"My Event"

Note that 12 was specified as the trace user eventcode for these events.