Structure that describes user and group credentials


#include <sys/neutrino.h>

struct _cred_info {
    uid_t      ruid;
    uid_t      euid;
    uid_t      suid;
    gid_t      rgid;
    gid_t      egid;
    gid_t      sgid;
    uint32_t   ngroups;
    gid_t      grouplist[__NGROUPS_MAX];


The _cred_info structure describes user and group credentials. The members include:

uid_t ruid
The real user ID.
uid_t euid
The effective user ID.
uid_t suid
The saved user ID.
gid_t rgid
The real group ID.
gid_t egid
The effective group ID.
gid_t sgid
The saved group ID.
uint32_t ngroups
The number of groups actually stored in grouplist.
gid_t grouplist[NGROUPS_MAX]
The supplementary group IDs.

This structure is defined with a fixed-sized grouplist field for backward compatibility, but it's often used with an arbitrary-sized grouplist array.


QNX Neutrino