void print_syspage (void)

Print the contents of all the structures in the system page. The global variable debug_level is used to determine what gets printed. The debug_level must be at least 2 to print anything; a debug_level of 3 will print the information within the individual substructures.

Note that you can set the debug level at the command line by specifying multiple -v options to the startup program.

You can also use the startup program's -S command-line option to select which entries are printed from the system page: -Sname selects name to be printed, whereas -S~name disables name from being printed. The name can be selected from the following list:

Name Processors Syspage entry
cacheattr all Cache attributes
callout all Callouts
cpuinfo all CPU info
gdt x86 Global Descriptor Table
hwinfo all Hardware info
idt x86 Interrupt Descriptor Table
intrinfo all Interrupt info
meminfo all Memory layout
pgdir x86 Page directory
qtime all System time info
smp all SMP info
strings all Strings
syspage all Entire system page
system_private all System private info
typed_strings all Typed strings