What's new in QNX Software Development Platform 6.6 io-audio patch (patch ID 4687)

We've renamed the following:

Instead of using: Use:
afm_vin_list_item_t snd_afm_vin_list_item_t
afm_vin_pair_t snd_afm_vin_pair_t
snd_afm_service_get_audio_mode() snd_afm_get_audio_mode()
snd_afm_service_get_vin_list() snd_afm_get_vin_list()
snd_afm_service_get_vin_list_count() snd_afm_get_vin_list_count()
snd_afm_service_set_audio_mode() snd_afm_set_audio_mode()
snd_afm_service_set_path() snd_afm_set_path()
snd_afm_service_set_vin_stream() snd_afm_set_vin_stream()
snd_afm_service_start() snd_afm_start()
snd_afm_service_stop() snd_afm_stop()

The old functions call the new ones, but you should use the new names in your programs. We'll remove the old versions in a future release.

The following functions are new:

Retrieve data from the acoustic library in an AFM
Load an acoustic processing data set into a running AFM
Set data within the acoustic library in an AFM

Other changes include the following:

Software PCM mixing
You can now enable a predictive limiter to reduce the distortion caused when audio data overflows.
  • If you specify an ampersand (&) before the key name in a configuration file, the value is appended to the key's current value.
  • The default value for config_write_delay is now -1, which prevents the settings from ever being written.