Analyzing systems with Adaptive Partitioning scheduling

In the System Profiler editor, the Partition Summary pane provides a log file summary that's focused on QNX's adaptive partitioning technology. For each distinct configuration of partitions detected in the log file, the distribution of CPU usage over those partitions is displayed, along with a table showing the CPU usage for each event owner in each partition.

You can switch to this pane through the menu item System Profiler > Display > Switch Pane > Partition Summary, or by selecting this pane in the editor's dropdown menu for switching panes ().

You can use this pane along with the CPU Usage pane to examine areas of interest in the log file data. Note that the Partition Summary pane contains valid data only when the log file contains partition information and the process and thread states are logged in wide mode (so the partition thread scheduling data is collected).
Partition Summary pane

The summary information displayed in this pane is based on the time range selected in the Timeline pane. By default, the partition information for the entire log period is shown, but you can click the toggle button () in the pane's toolbar to show only the data in the specified range.

Note: Since the calculations in the Partition Summary pane are intensive, you need to use the refresh button () to update the statistics each time you change the toggle, or adjust the range in the Timeline pane.