Interpreting differences in session results

The Execution Time view's comparison feature calculates and displays the differences in function runtimes and other metrics between different sessions.

After you select two sessions and compare them, the Deep Time, Shallow Time, and Count columns show the profiling measurement changes from the older to the newer session (i.e., the new values minus the old ones). If a function ran in only one session, its values from that session are displayed.
Screenshot of Execution Time view showing differences between two profiling sessions that measured precise function runtimes

In each time-related column, on the left of the value representing the execution time, an icon shows the overall change from the first to the second session. The icon is one of the following:

You can remove insignificant results (e.g., less than 1% difference), by opening the Filters dialog and setting the Filter elements with time value less than (%) field.

If you hover the pointer in a Deep Time or Shallow Time column, the IDE displays a tooltip message with the old and new time values as well as their absolute and relative differences:
Screenshot of Deep Time column entry with tooltip showing absolute and relative times for a function, and the difference in times between the compared sessions