Starting the IDE

Depending on which host you're using, after you install the QNX Software Development Platform (SDP), you'll see a desktop icon and/or a menu item labeled QNX Momentics IDE in the start or launch menu. To start the IDE, click the icon or select the menu item.

Starting the IDE from the command line

You can also start the IDE by running the qde command:

For more information about starting the IDE, including advanced execution options for developing or debugging parts of Eclipse itself, see Tasks > Running Eclipse in the Workbench User Guide.
Note: Always use qde to start the IDE, instead of the eclipse command, because qde configures the proper QNX-specific environment.

Setting the workspace location

Your workspace is the directory where the IDE stores your projects. By default, the workspace location is C:\ide-version-workspace on Windows, or home_directory/ide-version-workspace on Linux.

To store your workspace in another location:

Note: The workspace path must not contain any spaces or non-standard characters. Although the IDE accepts them, the underlying tools don't like directory and file names with such characters. For the list of unacceptable characters, see "Creating a project for a C or C++ application".