Condition types

You can specify any of the following for type:

The entity has died.
The entity has died an abnormal death. This condition is triggered whenever an entity dies by a mechanism that results in the generation of a core file (see dumper in the Utilities Reference for details).
The entity that was being monitored is detaching. This ends HAM's monitoring of that entity.
An entity for whom a place holder was previously created (someone has subscribed to events relating to this entity), has joined the system. This is also the start of the monitoring of the entity by a HAM.
The entity missed sending a heartbeat message specified for a condition of "high" severity.
The entity missed sending a heartbeat message specified for a condition of "low" severity.
The entity was restarted. This condition is true after the entity is successfully restarted.
This condition type matches any condition type. It can be used to associate the same actions with one of many conditions.

The CONDATTACH, CONDDETACH and CONDRESTART conditions are triggered by the HAM, when entities attach, detach, or restart respectively. The CONDHBEATMISSEDHIGH and CONDHBEATMISSEDLOW conditions are triggered internally by the HAM when it detects the missed heartbeat conditions, as defined by the entities when they indicated their original intent to heartbeat.

CONDDEATH is triggered whenever an entity dies. CONDABNORMALDEATH is triggered only when an abnormal death takes place, but such an abnormal death also triggers a CONDDEATH condition.

You use the detach condition to perform some actions whenever a monitored entity properly detaches from a HAM. After this point, the HAM will no longer monitor the entity. In effect, you can use this to "notify" interested clients when the HAM can no longer provide any more information about the detaching entity.

The restart condition is asserted and triggered by a HAM automatically if an entity dies and is restarted.