Running a device publisher

The PPS service must be running if you want to use the device publishers. All publishers write to objects in the same path; you must create the root directory in this path before starting any publisher.

To set up PPS and run a device publisher:
  1. In a QNX Neutrino terminal, check whether PPS is running by viewing the list of active processes with pidin or ps.
    Depending on your system configuration, PPS may be launched at bootup.
  2. If necessary, start PPS by entering pps in the same terminal.
    PPS creates a root directory (/pps by default) that provides a general path for storing all objects used by various platform services.
  3. Enter mkdir -p /pps/qnx to create the PPS path required by the publishers.
    For the locations of the PPS objects written by the publishers and an overview of the object contents, see "PPS objects types".
  4. Enter the command line for starting the device publisher you want to use.
    Suppose you want to run usblauncher to get information about USB devices. You would then enter a command similar to:

    usblauncher -c /etc/usblauncher/new_rules.lua -p 2 -vvv

The PPS and device publisher services are running. Your applications can now get information about connected devices by reading the objects under /pps/qnx.