Device object

Each device object that mmcsdpub writes to PPS contains the following fields:

Name Description Type Example
bus Bus type String SD
card_type Card type String with one of the following values: SD, MMC, or unknown SD
device_id OEM device ID Integer 24
ecc_count Number of times the driver has reported Error Correction Code (ECC) errors. This field is present only when its value is nonzero. Integer 1
locked Whether the card is locked Boolean: 0 if not locked or 1 if locked 0 (not locked)
present_at_startup Whether the card was present at startup (and not inserted by the user) Boolean: 0 if not present or 1 if present 0 (not present)
product_name OEM product name String SD8GB
serial_number Product serial number Integer 1526735628
slot_name Slot name passed to driver String slot_1
speed Driver clock rate (in Hertz) Integer 48000000
status Error string. For "bad devices" (i.e., devices that mmcsdpub couldn't read), only this field is present. String device not recognized
vendor_id Manufacturer ID Integer 65
write_protection Status of write-protect switch Boolean: 0 if disabled or 1 if enabled 0 (disabled)