Transparent Distributed Processing

Transparent Distributed Processing (also known as Qnet) functions the same under the io-net and io-pkt infrastructures, and the packet format and protocol remain the same. For both io-net and io-pkt, Qnet is just another protocol (like TCP/IP) that transmits and receives packets.

The Qnet module in Core Networking is now a loadable shared module, We support only the l4_lw_lite variant; we no longer support the qnet-compat variant that was compatible with QNX Neutrino 6.2.1.

To start the stack with Qnet, type this command:

io-pkt-v4 -ddriver -pqnet

(assuming you have your PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables set up properly). You can also mount the protocol after the stack has started, like this:

mount -Tio-pkt full_path_to_dll/

Note that mount still supports the io-net option, to provide backward compatibility with existing scripts.

The command-line options and general configuration information are the same as they were with io-net. For more information, see in the Utilities Reference.

Note: You can have at most one instance of Qnet running on a node, even if you're running more than one instance of io-pkt.