Starting Photon sessions on other QNX nodes

Suppose the QNX machine you log into has lots of modems, but not a lot of spare CPU or memory. You want to start up a private Photon session and discover that node 2 has lots of spare resources (in QNX, any node will do).

To start a Photon session on another node:
On a QNX 4 target, in a terminal enter phindows.exe -n//2/dev/ph+

If you're connecting to a QNX machine that's using a color palette other than default.pal, you can specify the palette file using the -P command line option. The Windows display must be set to 256 colors (8-bit color) for this option to work.

For example, if the QNX machine you are connecting to uses the grey.pal palette file, use the following command-line option:

phindows.exe -P%QNX_HOST%\usr\photon\palette\grey.pal