Get the flags from the header of a trace event


#include <sys/trace.h>

#define _TRACE_GET_STRUCT(h)...


The header of a trace event, of type unsigned.


The _TRACE_GET_STRUCT() macro extracts the flag from the header of a trace event (the header member of a traceevent_t or an event_data_t structure). Once you've extracted the flag, you can compare it to the following values to determine whether it's a simple event of part of a combine event:

If the flag equals: The structure is:
_TRACE_STRUCT_CB The beginning of a combine event
_TRACE_STRUCT_CC A continuation of a combine event
_TRACE_STRUCT_CE The end of a combine event
_TRACE_STRUCT_S A simple event


See the parser in the “Sample Programs” appendix of the System Analysis Toolkit User's Guide.


QNX Neutrino

Cancellation point No
Interrupt handler Yes
Signal handler Yes
Thread Yes

See also:

_NTO_TRACE_GET*(), _NTO_TRACE_SET*(), TraceEvent(), traceparser(), traceparser_cs(), traceparser_cs_range(), traceparser_debug(), traceparser_destroy(), traceparser_get_info(), traceparser_init()

tracelogger, traceprinter in the Utilities Reference

System Analysis Toolkit User's Guide

Analyzing Your System with Kernel Tracing chapter of the Integrated Development Environment User's Guide