The addon's resource structure


typedef struct
        char *name;
        char *description;
        void *value;
        void *info;
        int32_t type;
} AOResource_t;


This structure defines an addon's resources. It contains at least the following members:

char *name
The name of the resource.
char *description
A short description of the resource.
void * parent
The parent control for the resource.
void *value
A pointer to the actual value of the resource.
void *info
A pointer to typing information (such as a range, list of items, etc.).
int32_t type
The resource type flags, which is one of: You can OR the type member with one or more of the following permission values:

These values are used when automatically generating a GUI for a DLL's resources, for example.


QNX Neutrino

See also:

AOIStream_t, AOMimeInfo_t