Before You Begin

System requirements

This USB DDK is designed to work with both QNX Neutrino 6 and with QNX 4.

USB devices supported

Type of device Manufacturer Model
Keyboard Belkin MediaBoard F8E211-USB
Micro Innovations
Mouse Logitech USB Wheel Mouse M-BB48
WingMan Gaming Mouse M-BC38
Microsoft IntelliMouse
Hub ADS Technologies 4-port
Belkin 4-port
Printer Canon BJC-85
Epson Stylus Color 740
HP DeskJet 895Cse

Known limitations

Retrieving the “Other Speed Descriptor” hasn't been implemented.
Photon and text mode
If you're using Photon as well as text mode, you won't be able to switch between them and use a USB keyboard once the USB stack has been started.

From a cold boot, you'll be able to use a USB keyboard in text mode before the USB stack has been started. As soon as you start the USB stack, you can't use a USB keyboard in text mode.

Caution: Make sure that the command line for devi-hirun (or Input) includes the option to not reset the keyboard controller. For example:
devi-hirun kbd -R fd -d/dev/usbkbd0 &

Or with QNX 4:

Input kbd -R fd -d/dev/usbkbd0 &

If you don't use the -R option, then the keyboard controller will be reset whenever you switch between Photon and text mode, and the machine may hang.