CRT Controller settings


#include <mode.h>

typedef struct disp_crtc_settings {
    short       xres;
    short       yres;
    short       refresh;
    unsigned    pixel_clock;

    uint8_t     sync_polarity;

    uint8_t     h_granularity;
    uint8_t     v_granularity;

    short       h_total;
    short       h_blank_start;
    short       h_blank_len;
    short       h_sync_start;
    short       h_sync_len;

    short       v_total;
    short       v_blank_start;
    short       v_blank_len;
    short       v_sync_start;
    short       v_sync_len;

    unsigned    flags;
} disp_crtc_settings_t;


The disp_crtc_settings_t structure contains the CRT Controller (CRTC) settings.

Note: These members are used in conjunction with generic modes only (with the refresh member applicable to both generic and fixed modes):
  • h_granularity
  • v_granularity
  • pixel_clock
  • sync_polarity
  • h_total
  • h_blank_start
  • h_blank_len
  • h_sync_start
  • h_sync_len
  • v_total
  • v_blank_start
  • v_blank_len
  • v_sync_start
  • v_sync_len

For more information, see the get_modelist() function in the description of disp_modefuncs_t.

The members include:

xres, yres
The horizontal and vertical resolution, in pixels.
The refresh rate (in Hz)
The pixel clock rate (in kHz)
Any combination of the following bits:

Or, you can use the following manifest constants (composed of the bits from the above):

h_granularity, v_granularity
The horizontal and vertical granularity; the values of the other h_* and v_* members must be multiples of these.
h_total, h_blank_start, h_blank_len, h_sync_start, h_sync_len
Detailed monitor timings indicating the horizontal total, blanking start, length of blanking, horizontal sync start and length, given in units of h_granularity.
v_total, v_blank_start, v_blank_len, v_sync_start, v_sync_len
Detailed monitor timings indicating the vertical total, blanking start, length of blanking, horizontal sync start and length; given in units of lines.
There are currently no flags defined.



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