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A function you must write to release resources shared between plugins in a DLL


typedef void ResPluginUnloadingF_t( void )


This function is exported in the ResPlugin_t structure.

This function is called before the DLL is unloaded from PhAB's address space, and should release resources set up in the ResPluginLoadingF_tloading function.. Since the loading function may have been called more than once, there is a corresponding call to the unloading function for each successful call to the loading function.


This example unloading function is from the complete plugin example at the end of this chapter.

static int loaded_count = 0;
static ApDBase_t *db = NULL;

static void plugin_unloading( void ) {
  if( -- loaded_count == 0 ) {
    ApCloseDBase( db );
    db = NULL;
    ApRemoveContext( &AbContext );


QNX Neutrino

See also:

ResPlugin_t, ResPluginLoadingF_t.