Caution: This version of this document is no longer maintained. For the latest documentation, see

Appendix: PhAB Keyboard Shortcuts

This Appendix contains a quick reference guide to Photon Application Builder's keyboard shortcuts. The following types of shortcuts are available:

Project management shortcuts

Command Shortcut
New project Ctrl-N*
Open project Ctrl-O*
Save project Ctrl-S*
Save project as Ctrl-Shift-S*
Print Ctrl-P
Exit Ctrl-X

*These commands aren't available in the IDE-hosted version of PhAB.

Editing shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Undo last action Ctrl-Z
Redo last undo Ctrl-Shift-Z
Cut Ctrl-X, Shift-Delete
Copy Ctrl-C
Paste Ctrl-V, Shift-Insert
Move a widget into a container Ctrl-T
Delete Del
Select all Ctrl-A
Select All Children Ctrl-Shift-A
Deselect current selection Ctrl-D
Find Ctrl-Shift-F
Add a widget class Ctrl-W
Edit templates Ctrl-M
Edit preferences Ctrl-Shift-P

Adding items shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Add window Ctrl-Shift-W
Add dialog Ctrl-Shift-D
Add menu Ctrl-Shift-M
Add picture module Ctrl-Shift-U
Internal links F4
Project properties F2

Building shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Build and run F6*
Build and debug F5*
Rebuild all F3*
Build F7*
Make clean Shift-F3*
Generate UI Shift-F7
Run arguments Shift-F6*
Manage targets F11*

*These commands aren't available in the IDE-hosted version of PhAB.

Widget management shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Move to front Ctrl-F
Move to back Ctrl-B
Group Ctrl-G
Ungroup Ctrl-Shift-G
Change class Ctrl-H
Define template Ctrl-L
Select next widget in module tree F10
Multiple-select the current and next widget in the module tree Shift-F10
Select previous widget in module tree F9
Multiple-select the current and previous widget in the module tree Shift-F9
Toggle the nudge mode through move, shrink, and expand Ctrl-5*
Move, shrink or expand the selected widget by one pixel Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-9* (excluding Ctrl-5) and Ctrl-arrow

*These shortcuts are on the numeric keyboard only.

View and window shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Zoom in Ctrl-+
Zoom out Ctrl--
Close current window Ctrl-Alt-L
Close all windows Ctrl-Alt-A
Show/hide the resources tab F12
Show/hide the callbacks tab Shift-F12

Other shortcuts

Command Shortcut
Help F1