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Information about all elements in a mixer


typedef struct snd_mixer_elements_s
    int32_t     elements, elements_size, elements_over;
    uint8_t     zero[4];            /* alignment -- zero fill */
    snd_mixer_eid_t *pelements;
    void        *pzero;             /* align pointers on 64-bits --> point to NULL */
    uint8_t     reserved[128];      /* must be filled with zero */
}       snd_mixer_elements_t;


The snd_mixer_elements_t structure describes all the elements in a mixer. You can fill in this structure by calling snd_mixer_elements().

Note: We recommend that you work with mixer groups instead of manipulating the elements directly.

The members of the snd_mixer_elements_t structure include:

The total number of elements in the mixer.
The size of the pelements storage location, in sizeof( snd_mixer_eid_t ) units (i.e. the number of entries in the pelements array). Set this element before calling snd_mixer_elements().
The number of elements that couldn't be copied to the storage location.
NULL, or a pointer to an array of snd_mixer_eid_t structures.

If pelements isn't NULL, snd_mixer_elements() stores the mixer element IDs in the array.


QNX Neutrino

See also:

snd_mixer_eid_t, snd_mixer_elements()