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Mixer element control structure


typedef struct snd_mixer_element
    snd_mixer_eid_t eid;
        snd_mixer_element_switch1           switch1;
        snd_mixer_element_switch2           switch2;
        snd_mixer_element_switch3           switch3;
        snd_mixer_element_volume1           volume1;
        snd_mixer_element_volume2           volume2;
        snd_mixer_element_accu3             accu3;
        snd_mixer_element_mux1              mux1;
        snd_mixer_element_mux2              mux2;
        snd_mixer_element_tone_control1     tc1;
        snd_mixer_element_3d_effect1        teffect1;
        snd_mixer_element_pan_control1      pc1;
        snd_mixer_element_pre_effect1       peffect1;
        uint8_t                             reserved[128];      /* must be filled with zero */
    }       data;
    uint8_t     reserved[128];      /* must be filled with zero */
}       snd_mixer_element_t;


The snd_mixer_element_t structure contains the settings associated with a mixer element.

Note: We recommend that you work with mixer groups instead of manipulating the elements directly.


QNX Neutrino

See also:

snd_mixer_eid_t, snd_mixer_element_read(), snd_mixer_element_write()