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A structure that defines a video format


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This structure defines a video format. It contains at least the following members:

uint32_t width
The width of the video image, in pixels.
uint32_t height
The height of the video image, in pixels.
uint32_t depth
The color depth (number of bits per pixel).
int32_t frame_rate
The scaled frame rate. This value is divided by scale for the actual frame rate.
int32_t scale
A scaling value for the frame rate. This value is required if the frame rate isn't an integer. For example, if the frame rate is 29.97, set frame_rate to 2997 and scale to 100.
int32_t duration
The duration of the video, in frames. Set to 0 if unknown.


QNX Neutrino

See also:

ImageFormat_t, AudioFormat_t, MediaFormat_t