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Internet file transfer protocol daemon (NetBSD)


ftpd [-46DdHlnQqrsUuWwX] [-a anondir] [-C user] [-c confdir]
     [-e emailaddr] [-h hostname] [-L xferlogfile]
     [-P dataport] [-V version]

Runs on:



In addition to the options described in the NetBSD documentation, ftpd supports the following:

Don't attempt to translate IP addresses into hostnames.


The ftpd daemon is an Internet File Transfer Protocol server. It uses the TCP protocol. For more information, see the NetBSD documentation at

See also:

ftp, /etc/ftpchroot, /etc/ftpd.conf, ftpusers, inetd, tftpd, pipe, syslogd

TCP/IP Networking in the Neutrino User's Guide

Based on RFC 959, RFC 1123, RFC 2389, RFC 2428