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Caution: This version of this document is no longer maintained. For the latest documentation, see http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs.

About the QED Manual

The qed utility is a fullscreen editor for both your console and attached terminals.

Note: This editor has been shipped with QNX since the early days of the QNX 2 operating system. It has been ported to QNX Neutrino for the convenience of the many people who have become accustomed to it. However, it's no longer the preferred editor in QNX Neutrino and its use is deprecated. Consequently, this documentation is provided "as is."

This documentation has been divided into several major sections:

Tutorial Guide
This section consists of a conversational introduction to the Full Screen Editor (qed). It contains examples which should be attempted on your PC as you read. It is highly recommended that all users of qed read this guide. The first several pages contain a complete reference to all the defined function and cursor keys. It will help you correlate the many functions available. Upon completion of the guide you should be capable of performing most editing tasks. For most users, this may be all you need to know about the editor.
Using qed on non-QNX Terminal Types
This section describes how to configure the system to run qed from attached terminals.
Reference Manual -- Editor Commands
This section consists of a detailed description of every command supported by the editor. You will discover that the defined function and cursor keys are in fact implemented as one or more of these commands. Anyone who is going to be using the editor on a regular basis should read the preliminary sections up to the Append command. The description of the Substitute and Global commands are also highly recommended. Should you wish to define your own function key operations then it is imperative that you read and understand all sections.
Defining Macros
This section has been written as a tutorial guide in the writing of macros. It should be sufficient to get you started. However, the best way to learn about macros is to experiment.
Error Messages (Appendix A)
This section details the error messages you may get from qed, and explains their meaning.
Quick Reference
This section is a quick overview of the function keys which relate to word processing. They are also discussed in the tutorial introduction and are repeated here as a quick reference.

Copyright © 1982 -- 2005, QNX Software Systems. All rights reserved.

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