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Caution: This version of this document is no longer maintained. For the latest documentation, see http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs.

About This Guide

In this preface...

Welcome to QNX Momentics

Thank you for choosing the QNX Momentics development suite. You have everything you need to build and maintain your QNX Neutrino-based embedded system: a comprehensive set of integrated development tools, lots of in-depth documentation, as well as powerful diagnostics and optimization tools for your system once it's up and running on your target.

Board support packages (BSPs), driver development kits (DDKs), and technology development kits (TDKs) are available separately; you can download them from our website, http://www.qnx.com/.

Trusted and proven in countless embedded systems, QNX Neutrino has a growing reputation as the world's most reliable RTOS. We now invite you to explore the advanced tools that QNX Momentics adds to QNX Neutrino.

The Big Picture

QNX Momentics is the development environment on your host for the QNX Neutrino RTOS running on your target.

What's in this guide?

The Welcome to QNX Momentics guide is intended to introduce you to the QNX Momentics development suite and help you start developing applications for QNX Neutrino. This guide is organized around these main topics:

The following table may help you quickly find information in this guide:

To: Go to:
See a list of this product's components "QNX Momentics at a glance" in What is QNX Momentics?
Determine which document to look in for information about key features "Where key features are documented" in How to Get Help
Understand the license agreement "A word about licensing" in What is QNX Momentics?
Use a virtual machine "Getting started before you have your target" in What is QNX Momentics?
Install QNX Momentics on your host machine or remove it "Installing and removing QNX Momentics" in Installation and Setup
Find out where components are installed on your host machine "What did I just install?" in Installation and Setup
Upgrade your software "Upgrading your software" in Installation and Setup
Run the QNX Neutrino RTOS on a target machine "Running QNX Neutrino on a target machine" in Installation and Setup
Get started with the documentation How to Get Help
Get technical support How to Get Help
Find the meaning of terms used in QNX documentation Glossary
Look up a word in this guide's keyword index [Index]

Note: If you've already developed applications with QNX Momentics 6.2.1, see the 6.3.0 and 6.2.1 Compatibility notes. You can find the latest version of this document on our website: http://www.qnx.com/. Log into your myQNX account, then go to the Download Center.

Copyright © 2004 -- 2005, QNX Software Systems. All rights reserved.

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