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Caution: This version of this document is no longer maintained. For the latest documentation, see http://www.qnx.com/developers/docs.

About This Guide

The QNX 4 --> QNX Neutrino Migration Guide is intended as a kind of road map to help you:

Written specifically for the QNX 4 applications developer, the guide's main focus is the API; it doesn't deal with differences in system commands, editors, and so on. Nevertheless, we hope you'll find the guide a valuable resource for determining what you need to do to your existing software in order to take advantage of the rich new features of QNX Neutrino.

The following may help you find what you need in this guide:

When you want to: Go to:
Get an overview of the differences between the two systems Meet the New OS
Plan your migration strategy Migration Methodology
Find out about headers, libraries, debugging, buildfiles, and more Development Environment
Learn about threads, connection IDs, pulses, resource managers, and more Programming Issues
Look up a cover function The Migration Library
Identify items in your QNX 4 programs that need attention The mig4nto Utility
Look up the QNX Neutrino equivalent for any QNX 4 function QNX 4 Functions & QNX Neutrino Equivalents
View the list of QNX 4 functions supported by QNX Neutrino QNX 4 functions supported by QNX Neutrino

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