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VX Works Porting Guide Offer

Traditional embedded systems, with their static, single-purpose design, were well-serviced by the realtime executive architecture of the VxWorks operating system. But with the increasing complexity of todays embedded applications, coupled with high expectations for reliability and serviceability, developers require a more advanced and flexible RTOS platform.

By moving to an RTOS with modular microkernel architecture such as the QNX Neutrino RTOS system designers can more easily build the reliable, scalable, and high-performance systems that will meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Porting an application from a conventional RTOS like VxWorks to an advanced operating system like QNX Neutrino hasnt always been a simple task. To help our customers accelerate this process, QNX Software Systems has developed an in-depth porting guide that reviews the phases of application development/ porting, looks at various porting strategies, and presents the similarities and differences between QNX Neutrino and VxWorks.

QNX and Neutrino are registered trademarks of QNX Software Systems Ltd. in certain jurisdications. VxWorks is a registered trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc.

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