End-to-end software for the connected car

We have entered an exciting time in the history of the automotive industry. Connected and autonomous cars will have a place in automotive history alongside the birth of industrialized production of automobiles and electric vehicles - with software as the new engine powering the cars of tomorrow.

Cars today are computers on wheels with 60 to 100 microprocessors or electronic control units and over 100 million lines of software. In the future, these computers will turn into robots on wheels that will drive autonomously. To get there, the software complexity in a car will continue to grow and software will become the most important asset that Auto OEMs need to manage. Auto manufacturers will need to select the right software platforms for their various modules such as infotainment, telematics, digital instrument clusters, ADAS, secure gateways, heads up displays and domain controllers. Manufacturers also need to address the challenges of securely managing this software over the lifetime of a car.

The BlackBerry QNX software can be found in 240+ vehicle models and well over 60 million cars today. We plan to be the leading end-to-end software platform provider for the connected car - enabling you to build and deliver the most secure, safe and reliable cars on the market.

Our QNX Auto blog is the home for all our CES 2017 related news and announcements.

In the march towards CES 2017, we will address a variety of automotive industry topics including:

  • Security and the connected car
  • 64-bit safety certified hypervisor
  • From concept to production - a historical look at BlackBerry QNX's CES vehicles

CES showcase cars

A staple of our participation at CES is our software-powered vehicles. Even if you have not been to our booth, you have likely seen the great coverage that our cars have generated from the New York Times, Bloomberg, CNET, and the Globe and Mail, to name a few. Our previous CES cars have incorporated solutions that are in cars today, as well as innovations for the cars of tomorrow.

History has also proven that concepts that we show at CES also often lead to production.

This year we are choosing to showcase not just the latest in-car cockpit technology, but also new innovations in vehicle management, safety and autonomous drive.

Speaking engagements

Consumer Telematics Show - January 4

The Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Hear Joe Cusumano, BlackBerry QNX' Sr. Sales Manager, North America Automotive discuss the digital cockpit of the future with other industry leading experts.

Man and Machine in Perfect Harmony

Today, cars are loaded with more technology than ever before. Human interaction with vehicles is transforming to reflect this harmonic change.

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of QNX technology at work.

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Visit our booth BlackBerry QNX at CES 2017

LVCC North Hall -Booth 7029 - January 5-8 in Las Vegas