The QNX CAR platform provides several preintegrated navigation engines using a combination of HTML5, OpenGL, and Qt graphical frameworks, with on- and off-board mapping engines.

All navigation engines integrated into the QNX CAR platform use a uniform API to expose routing and engine internals, allowing navigation engines to be changed without impacting upper-level applications.

Information from the navigation engine is published to a PPS object, making details about the route available to other applications. For example, trip information can be made available to the weather application, which can then display the weather forecast for the estimated arrival time at the destination. A JavaScript WebWorks extension provides an interface to the navigation PPS object for HTML5 applications.

The SQL database is populated with Points Of Interest (POIs) and addresses. When the user directs the navigation system to a POI, the HMI writes to a PPS object, kicking off a database search. The navigation engine updates a PPS object, causing all subscribers, including the JavaScript framework, to receive a notification. Subscribers that receive the update notification go to the database to fetch the results. HMI subscribers connect to the database through the SQL plugin.