Apple iOS interfaces

The QNX CAR application platform provides a Made for iPod interface for Apple iOS products. This provides the ability to synchronize media metadata and to browse and play media on the device. The iPod Out protocol is also supported.

The iOS interface supports various Apple models, generations, and firmware releases. The iPod interface software conforms to the relevant sections of the "Apple iPod Accessory Interface Protocol Specification Release". Automotive suppliers will use this interface software in conjunction with hardware that complies with the "Apple iPod/iPhone Hardware Specification Release". These specifications are available from Apple.

Since the QNX iPod interface is intended to work with Apple iPods and iPhones that comply with these specifications, a high level of compatibility can be expected when using iPod Out control through a touchscreen or other external USB HID device or in the scenario when the iOS device takes over the entire screen.

The focus here is on driver and iAP protocol. To complete the implementation, automotive suppliers need to add:

If and when Apple moves to digital video, QNX will be able to provide a complete framework for iPod Out.