The QNX CAR application platform supports connections to external devices over Bluetooth—it can initiate a Bluetooth connection or accept a connection request.

The supported profiles include:

The QNX CAR application platform comes preintegrated with SAP's (iAnywhere’s) Bluetooth stack. While the profiles listed above are preintegrated and tested for this release, SAP's Bluetooth stack supports many other profiles that can also be integrated.

The front-end resource manager for Bluetooth is io-bluetooth. This resource manager offers a POSIX-compliant API and provides:

The PPS abstraction layer for Bluetooth provides an application interface for activities such as pairing, profile management, status updates, and device list management.

A Bluetooth connection can be initiated either by the vehicle or by the mobile device. When requesting the connection, the developer selects a Bluetooth profile. After the connection has been established, the system creates PPS objects that io-bluetooth uses to manage the connection according to the permissions and other parameters in the selected profile.