Flush all the blits issued since the last call to this function, or screen_post_window()


#include <screen/screen.h>
int screen_flush_blits(screen_context_t ctx, int flags)



A connection to screen


A flag used by the mutex. Specify SCREEN_WAIT_IDLE if the function is required to block until all the blits have been completed.




Function Type: Flushing Execution

This function flushes all delayed blits and fills since the last call to this function, or since the last call to screen_post_window(). Note that this is a flush of delayed blits and does not imply a flush of the command buffer. The blits will start executing shortly after you call the function. The blits may not be complete when the function returns, unless the SCREEN_WAIT_IDLE flag is set. This function has no effect on other non-blit delayed calls. The screen_post_window() function performs an implicit flush of any pending blits. The content that is to be presented via the call to screen_post_window() is most likely the result of any pending blit operations completing.

The connection to screen must have been acquired with the function screen_create_context().


0 if the blit buffer was flushed, or -1 if an error occurred (errno is set).