Configure mtouch

This section specifies the configuration applied to the mtouch devices supported by the platform.

This section must begin with begin mtouch and end with end mtouch.

There can be multiple mtouch sections within a configuration file. The number of mtouch sections is dependent on the number of physical displays supported by the platform. If you have mutliple displays, you can configure the driver for each display; therefore you would have one mtouch section for each of these displays.

Below is an example of multiple mtouch sections of a graphics.conf file:
  begin mtouch
        driver = devi
        options = height=720,width=1280
        scaling = /armle-v7/usr/lib/graphics/omap4430/scaling_omap4.conf
        display = 1
  end mtouch

    begin mtouch
        driver = egalax
        options = height=800,width=480
        scaling = /armle-v7/usr/lib/graphics/omap4430/scaling_omap4.conf
        display = 2
  end mtouch


The scaling.conf file is a free-form ASCII text file. It is parsed by Screen and Windowing . The file may contain extra tabs and blank lines for formatting purposes. Keywords in the file are case-sensitive. Comments may be placed anywhere within the file (except within quotes). Comments begin with the # character and end at the end of the line.

You must define a mode for the touch coordinates using a scaling.conf configuration file; you can define only one mode per configuration. The mode recommended is the scale mode configured with the resolution of your display. For example, your entry in the scaling.conf file would be:


By default, Screen and Windowing expects scaling.conf file at this location:


If your scaling.conf file is not located at the above location or is not named scaling.conf, you will need to indicate the correct path and name of your scaling configuration file using the scaling parameter in your mtouch configuration section.