Configure Screen and Windowing

This section describes how to configure libraries, drivers, and Screen and Windowing parameters using the configuration file, graphics.conf.

The graphics.conf file contains configuration information for Screen and Windowing and is found under the following directory:


The graphics.conf file is a free-form ASCII text file. It is parsed by Screen and Windowing /> or clients. The file may contain extra tabs and blank lines for formatting purposes. Keywords in the file are case-sensitive. Comments may be placed anywhere within the file (except within quotes). Comments begin with the # character and end at the end of the line.

The file is essentially a set of configurable parameters along with the values that these parameters are being set to. The parameters are listed within specific defined sections of the configuration file.

The graphics.conf file includes the following main sections:

Specifies the libraries and parameters related to khronos (GPU and WFD libraries). The libraries and parameters in this section apply to your EGL display and WFD driver. This section is denoted by the begin khronos and end khronos statements.

This khronos section is comprised of two sections:
  • egl display
  • wfd device
Specifies the parameters related to the windowing system. This section is denoted by the begin winmgr and end winmgr statements. The parameters in this section include those that apply to:
  • the windowing system globally
  • the displays
  • the class (e.g., framebuffers)
  • the mtouch devices
This winmgr section is comprised of a combination of these four sections:
  • globals
  • display
  • class
  • mtouch

To specify a configuration, you need to follow the format below for the parameter you are configuring within the appropriate section of the configuration file:

<parameter> = <value>

Each configuration parameter is on its own separate line. If the parameter allows for multiple values for its configuration, then the values will follow the = after the parameter and will be separated by either a space or a comma. For example,

<parameter> = <value1>,<value2>,<value3>


<parameter> = <value1> <value2> <value3>

A typical graphics.conf file will look something like this:
begin khronos
  begin egl display 1
    egl-dlls = [IMG%s]
    glesv1-dlls =
    glesv2-dlls =
    gpu-dlls =
    gpu-string = SGX540rev120
    aperture = 200
  end egl display

  begin wfd device 1
    wfd-dlls =
  end wfd device
end khronos

begin winmgr
  begin globals
    pointer-qsize = 1
    blit-config = pvr2d
    blits-logsize = 4096
    input-logsize = 8192
    requests-logsize = 65536
  end globals

  begin display hdmi
    formats = rgba8888 rgbx8888 nv12
    video-mode = 1280 x 720 @ 60
  end display

  begin class framebuffer
    display = hdmi 
    pipeline = 3 
    surface-size = 1280 x 720
    format = rgba8888
    usage = pvr2d 
  end class
  begin mtouch
    driver = devi
    options = height=720,width=1280
  end mtouch
end winmgr