Update Manager communicates via the HMI on this status object

Update Manager
Any app

Response parameters

For subscribers that have issued commands, the Update Manager writes the following response parameters to this status object:

Response Data type Description
updateAvailable Number Values 0 and !0 indicate update status:
  • 0 = No update available
  • !0 = Update available
updateDetails JSON The jsonObj parameters can contain:
  • version, a string indicating the update version
  • details, a string indicating the update details
  • source, a number indicating where the update came from:
    • 1 = USB
    • 2 = Update server

Event behavior

The Update Manager determines whether an update is available (e.g., the user inserts a USB stick with a valid update file) and then informs the HMI by setting updateAvailable to !0 on the status object. The HMI prompts the user to either install or cancel the update, and then writes the appropriate command to the /pps/services/update/control control object (cmd::2 to install, cmd::3 to cancel).
Note: For updates via USB, the filename of the update delta file must be of the form QNXCAR2*.mld (case insensitive) on a DOS-formatted USB stick.

If the user wants to see if updates are available on a network server, the HMI will send cmd::1 to the control object to initiate an external check for updates. If an update is found, the Update Manager will set updateAvailable to !0 (along with the other update details) on the status object.