Directory for TCS navigation objects

Navigation engine
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TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) provides a navigation engine that we have shipped for your reference. When you install the TCS product, it creates the /pps/tcs/ directory along with these subdirectories:

The HMI uses only two of those directories:

/pps/tcs/ccc/—contains the objects that TCS uses for status updates, which the HMI reads.

/pps/tcs/hmi/—contains a control object that the ASR module uses for navigation and POI search commands.

Objects under /pps/tcs/ccc/

The HMI listens to these objects:

/pps/tcs/ccc/control—contains navigation and POI search commands.

/pps/tcs/ccc/nav—contains navigation session data.

/pps/tcs/ccc/qck—contains summary of current status.

/pps/tcs/ccc/control—contains responses to the commands sent to the /pps/tcs/ccc/nav object.

ASR commands sent to /pps/tcs/hmi/control

Command Data type Description
{"start":"navigate","param":"<destination>"} JSON Start navigating to the specified destination.
{"start":"search-place","param":"<keyword>"} JSON Start searching for the specified place.