The HMI publishes navigation status to this object

Any app


Attribute Data type Values Description
destination JSON Contains several fields (see table below). Data for the destination (e.g., city, country, distance).
maneuvers JSON Contains several fields (see table below). Data while navigating (e.g., current street, turns).
navigating Boolean true | false Indicates whether the system is currently navigating.
total_distance_remaining Number >=0 Distance to destination (in meters).
total_time_remaining Number >=0 Estimated time of arrival (in minutes).

Fields for destination

Field Description
city The destination's city.
country The city's country.
distance Distance from current location to destination.
id Destination identifier
latitude The destination's latitude.
longitude The destination's longitude.
name The destination's name (e.g., Toronto City Hall).
number Street address.
postalCode The postal code's first three characters, which indicate the Forward Sortation Area (FSA).
province The destination's province.
street Name of the destination's street.
type Point-of-interest (POI) type (e.g., restaurant, public building).
xindex This attribute is a byproduct of using the Sencha framework and is ignored when present.

Fields for maneuvers

Field Description
street Street currently traveling on.
command Directional command. Values:
  • dt (arrived at destination)
  • dt-l (destination is on the left)
  • dt-r (destination is on the right)
  • lht-rx (follow the roundabout on the left)
  • lht-ut (make a U-turn on the left)
  • nc (no change; follow the street)
  • rx (follow the roundabout on the right)
  • tr-l (turn left)
  • tr-r (turn right)
  • ut (make a U-turn on the right)
distance Distance to travel on current street (in meters).