Holds the play state for the specified context

Note: The contextname is the name given in mmr_context_create().
Any app

We recommend that you read this object in delta mode to ensure that you get all the errors and warnings that may occur.

For more on delta mode, see "Subscribing" in the QNX Persistent Publish/Subscribe Developer's Guide.


Attribute Description
error Most recent error code (deleted when playback is restarted).
error_pos Play position when the error occurred.
input Input URL (deleted when input is detached).
speed Current set speed in units of 1/1000 of normal speed
state Can be one of these values:
  • idle
  • playing
  • stopped
warning Most recent warning (deleted when playback is stopped).
warning_pos Play position when the warning occurred.

How state, errors, and warnings are set

Condition: The state attribute is set to: Other attributes set:
No input is attached idle none
An input is attached stopped (from idle) input is set to input's URL
Playback begins playing (from stopped) error and error_pos are deleted
End of media is reached stopped (from playing) error is set to MMR_ERROR_NONE (note that no error code is set if playback is stopped via a function call)
Warning occurs (note that warnings don't stop playback) playing warning and warning_pos are set
Error occurs (note that errors will stop playback) stopped warning and warning_pos are deleted; error and error_pos are set
Note: For error codes, see mm_error_code_t in the Multimedia Renderer Developer's Guide.