Directory for .all object and for dynamically loaded plugins

Any app

The .all object

This .all object contains supported file and MIME types.


Attribute Description
audioencodeextensions Comma-separated list of supported extensions for file outputs (e.g., m4a,wav).
mime Comma-separated list of allowed combinations of playable MIME types (e.g., 3gpp,video).

Other objects in the component directory

The component directory can also contain information about mm-renderer's dynamically loaded plugins (mm-renderer has defined its own plugin interface for modularization and extensibility):
  • mmr-track-engine (engine plugin for playing tracks)
  • mmr-playlist-engine (engine plugin for playing playlists)
  • mmr-mmf-routing (routing plugin for handling the actual play tasks)
  • mmr-mmfrip-routing (routing plugin for ripping)