The mm-detect service publishes device information to this object

HMI Media Player; any app


The mm-detect service uses this status object to notify the HMI of mediastore insertions and removals as well as synchronization events. During synchronization, mm-detect publishes device information in JSON format to the status object.

To listen for mediastore insertions and removals, mm-detect subscribes to objects in the /pps/qnx/mount/ directory.


Attribute Description
dbpath Path to the database (e.g., /dev/qdb/mme).
device_type Type of storage device (e.g., USB stick).
fs_type Filesystem type (e.g., DOS FAT32).
image_path Path to the mediastore's images.
mount Filesystem mountpoint (e.g., /fs/usb0).
name Name of the removable device (e.g., KINGSTON).
synched Indicates whether the file information has been synchronized.