The Keyboard service uses this object to reflect the keyboard's current state

Keyboard service
Any app


Attribute Data type Description
layout String Identifies current keyboard layout:
  • automatic (will use the appropriate layout based on the selected locale)
  • qwerty (QWERTY keyboard)
  • qwertz (QWERTZ keyboard, used in many European locales)
  • azerty (AZERTY keyboard, used mostly in France)
layoutsAvailable JSON Gives all available keyboard layouts (automatic, qwerty, qwertz, and azerty)
locale JSON Identifies current selected locale (e.g., {"code":"en_US","variant":0}).
locales JSON Gives all available locales (see table below).
showPopup Boolean Indicates whether spellcheck popup is available.
size Number Specifies height of the keyboard in pixels (range is 1 to screen height; default is 190).
visible Boolean Indicates whether keyboard is visible. The Keyboard service sets this attribute after receiving a show or hide command from the /pps/system/keyboard/control object.


The JSON objects for locale descriptions are of the form:
{"label":"language (place)","locale":{"code":"language_place","variant":0}}

For example:

{"label":"English (US)","locale":{"code":"en_US","variant":0}}

The following table gives all the supported locales:

Label Language code
English (US) en_US
English (UK) en_GB
Français fr_FR
Español es
Deutsch de
Italiano it
Nederlands nl
Português (Brasil) pt_BR
Português (Europeu) pt_PT
Rom̢n̮ ro
CatalÃÂ ca
Hrvatski hr
Norsk nb
Polski pl
Svenska sv
ÃOesky cs
Dansk da
Türkçe tr
Magyar hu
àÃÆÃ_Ã_úøù ru
Ã\u0007ûû÷ýùúì el