The Keyboard service listens for commands from the HMI on this control object

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Keyboard service
Note: This type of object is known as a server object, a special PPS object designed for point-to-point communication between a server and one or more clients. For details, see "Server objects" in the QNX Persistent Publish/Subscribe Developer's Guide.

Message/response format

Commands sent to the /pps/system/keyboard/control object are of the form:


Responses always reflect the command_string and ID_number that were sent in the message, along with any errors:

res::command_string\nid::ID\ndat:json:{JSON_data}\n error::error_description


msg:: id:: dat:json:
Messages to send to the control object:
  • show
  • hide
The message's ID string (usually a number, but can be anything). JSON data (payload) related to the message.


Show the keyboard:

echo "msg::show\nid::1\ndat:json:{}" > /pps/system/keyboard/control

Hide the keyboard:

echo "msg::hide\nid::2\ndat:json:{}" > /pps/system/keyboard/control