Control object for the OpenGL ES 2.0 Gears demo

Any app


Attribute Data type Description
activated Number Turn the gears on (1) or off (0).
h Number Height (in pixels).
interval Number Swap interval. A value of 0 lets the app run as fast as possible; a value of 1 or more will limit the rate to the number of vsync periods.
pause Number Once the gears have been activated, pause (1) or resume (0) them.
screenGroup String When this attribute is present on startup (or when it's changed), the demo will try to join its screen window to this one as an embedded child.
w Number Width (in pixels).
x Number The x dimension from the top left (in pixels).
y Number The y dimension from the top left (in pixels).
z Number The z order of the window. This should be set to -1 so that the parent window can take advantage of its own transparency to add a useful overlay.
Note: The /pps/services/gears/status object shows the demo's frame rate.


Spin the gears as fast as possible:

echo "interval:n:0" >> /pps/services/gears/control

Now get the frame rate:
# cat /pps/services/gears/status