The dmcclient service listens for commands from the HMI on this control object

dmcclient; any app


The control object accepts the following commands:

Command Description
attachTrack Configure a DMR with a single track.
pause Pause playback of a track on a DMR.
play Initiate playback of media from a DMS to a DMR.
seek Seek to a position of a track being played back (time in ms).
stop Stop playback on a DMR.
subscribe Subscribe to notifications of playstate changes (e.g., play) for a DMR.

Status codes

For subscribers that have issued commands, the following status and response parameters are written back to the control object:

Code Meaning
0 OK
1 ioWrite (error occured when writing to a PPS object at sink device)
2 ioRead (read error occured at source device)
3 noMem (not enough memory)
4 busy (device or resource is busy; retry may recover)
5 invalid argument
6 not supported
7 timeout
8 not available (resource is not available; retry may recover)
9 pps (used specifically for PPS resource error)
10 not exist (DMR object does not exist)
11 out of state
12 out of range (speed is out of range)
13 unknown


Configure the specified DMR with the single track called Bluesy.mp3:

echo "command::attachTrack\nuuid::56076f6e-6b79-4d65-6490-002710ce4574\n media_url::file://accounts/1000/shared/music/Bluesy.mp3\n" >> /pps/services/dlna/dmcclient/control

Subscribe to playstate changes for the specified DMR:

echo "command::subscribe\nuuid::56076f6e-6b79-4d65-6490-002710ce4574\n subscrBool::true\n" >> /pps/services/dlna/dmcclient/control

Unsubscribe to playstate changes for the DMR:

echo "command::subscribe\nuuid::56076f6e-6b79-4d65-6490-002710ce4574\n subscrBool::false\n" >> /pps/services/dlna/dmcclient/control

Seek to position 0:50 of the track currently being played back:

echo "command::seek\nuuid::56076f6e-6b79-4d65-6490-002710ce4574\n position::50000\n" >> /pps/services/dlna/dmcclient/control

Pause the track currently being played back:

echo "command::pause\nuuid::56076f6e-6b79-4d65-64a2-24f40f0024f4\n" >> /pps/services/dlna/dmcclient/control