The io-asr manager uses this object to communicate with the HMI

io-asr; any app
io-asr; any app


When running, the io-asr manager updates its state on this object, responds to any strobe commands, and then goes into listening mode.


Attribute Description
result JSON object that contains the "confidence" level of the speech input. Range is from 0 (input not recognized at all) to 1000 (full confidence—no other possible results for the input).
speech Indicates input is being handled. Values:
  • processing
  • handled
state Indicates io-asr's current state. Values:
  • held
  • idle
  • listening
  • processing
  • prompting
  • running
strobe Controls speech sessions. Values:
  • barge-in
  • cancel
  • hold
  • mic-off
  • off
  • on
    • on?audio_log_dir=path (directory to use to capture session logs)
    • on?audio_source_dir=path (directory of stored logs to use for recognition sessions)
    • on?repeat=[true|false] (if set to true, speech sessions will auto-trigger as long as another application isn't launched)
    Note: If a third-party app initiated the current speech session, it will be interrupted and a new system-level session will be started. The results of a third-party session are delivered only to the requesting app and won't be used to carry out system-level speech commands.
  • release (releases a held speech session)

How io-asr responds to strobe commands

If io-asr is: Then this command: Has this effect:
idle strobe::on Begins a speech session.
running barge-in Interrupts any currently playing prompts, allowing the speech session to advance to the next state (usually listening).
running strobe::cancel Cancels the current speech session.
running strobe::hold Interrupts the current speech turn and suspends the session, maintaining its state.
running strobe::mic-off Interrupts capturing of audio so that the session can advance to processing; this is useful if the auto end-pointing isn't detecting silence because of ambient noise levels.
running strobe::on n/a
stopped strobe::off n/a
running and listening strobe::off Ends the speech session. If the repeat modifier is in effect, it will be canceled.
running and prompting strobe::off Silences the prompt.
held strobe::release Releases a held speech session, allowing it to return to the running state.


Start a speech session and then record each utterance to the speech_logs directory:

echo strobe::on?audio_log_dir=speech_logs >>/pps/services/asr/control

Play back the recorded session:

echo strobe::on?audio_source_dir=speech_logs >>/pps/services/asr/control