Extension qnx.systemupdate


Class manage system updates

You can check for updates using checkForUpdate() function or perform update using performUpdate.



Fired when a new update is available or when you Asynchronously check for update

     updateAvailable:{Boolean},          //indicated if update is available or not. If updateAvailable:false, the updateDetails field will not be populated
     updateDetails:  {
         "sourceVersion":{String},       // source version of the software update
         "targetVersion":{String},       // target version of the software update
         "source":{Number}               // indicates the source of the update
     updateError:{String}                // Send messages about errors that occur to print on HMI [Optional]



Check for a new software update Will initiate a check for new updates in updateMgr; result will be systemupdateavailable event Asynchronous function


Initiate update to the latest available software. Sends command to the updateMgr to start update procedure. Will proceed with software update procedure, and reboot the system in order to boot in update IFS Asynchronous function